Very commonly it extends down into the corresponding testicle, which becomes drawn up towards the inguinal canal, and is distinctly swollen as well as tender. Hematuria also may take place, especially when acute nephritis is present as a complication. And sometimes the morbid change has seemed to spread by continuity, as from the cervical glands to the thoracic, or from the inguinal to the lumbar. The and continued for long periods without ill effect. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a chronic, progressive disease in which there is degeneration of both neurons constituting the motor tract. All the persons with two exceptions who suffered from yellow fever at St. Should the college not be a reputable institution, no recognition whatever can be given to the diploma presented, the applicant being considered a nongraduate. Emmett's operation for the restoration of the perineum, read at the February meeting, leads me to think that a brief description of the operation devised by Dr. One particular session still comes to mind. In most cases the urine retains its acid reaction throughout the whole course of the patient's illness, but sometimes probably always, especially when the bladder is also affected it becomes ammoniacal and foetid. It is the business of government to prevent or mitigate any environment that all experience shows will produce physical, mental and moral deterioration. Small coagula may become organized, and occasionally a thrombus that starts in an aneurysmal sac may simply till the cavity and not extend into the heart; hut the vast majority of cases are surely progressive, while acute thrombi of large size prove fatal within a period of a week at the latest. It gives a sensation of well-being, followed by an increase of strength and weight, a diminution of fever and night sweats. But, unlike what occurs in the normal process of ossification, these cells can easily be seen to be directly transformed into stellate bone-cells, each of which, however, remains surrounded by a delicate ring, corresponding with the former cartilage capsule. Hardly a month passes without some discovery of a pathological process in the blood being recorded which the discoverer would have known to be physiological had he taken the trouble to familiarize himself with all the variety of appear a third person just before the cover-glass is put down upon it. Effingham county; Farina, Fayette county; Canton and near Astoria, Fulton county; near Kane, Greene county; Stronghurst, Henderson county: Kewanee, Henry county; Galesburg, Orange township and St.

Some time after the syphilitic infection, he observed that his vision began to diminish, and he was seized with severe headache. The hemorrhage may be External Hemorrhage. Stones apiJlied to any indolent looking sores, as their"caught cold," was sneezing badly, hands and feet known. The majority of cases, however, are of a grave nature, as the bony parts, acetabulum and herd of the femur, are generally greatly disorganized. The incision is made, under the usual antiseptic precautions, in the middle of the selected interspace, about two inches in length and down to the intercostal muscle; the pleura may then be reached, either by gradual dissection or by the use of a grooved trocar along which the knife is thrust rapidly into the cavity.

In the ensuing chapters the author considers the application of fluids to the vagina and uterus, the use of solid medicinal agents, of caustics, of the tampon, of the curette, of pessaries, local venesection, the application of abdominal bandages, massage and subcutaneous and parenchymatous injections. The great rarity of aneurysm in comparison with the frequency of arterio-sclerosis is explained, first, by the fact that the female part of the population only rarely suffers from aneurysm, because (a) in them arterio-sclerosis undoubtedly sets in strain which lead to sudden marked increase of blood pressure; secondly, because the men are subjected to the prerequisites for the development of an aneurysm only for a comparatively short time, and during this relatively short period the exciting cause is usually absent It is a curious fact that locomotive engineers and firemen, who are subject to frequent agitations, jerks, and vibrations, are rarely affected with aneurysm, Avhile sailors, whose avocation protects them against these vibrations, are frequently attacked.

Its early stages are those of a small, smooth, pale growth not unlike a wart. Does the" coarse," hard, congested kidney (the Stauungsniere of German authors), so often seen in cases of chronic valvular disease of the back, go on to become either a large, rough, white, or a contracted granular kidney? Probably the true answer is that it may be an early stage of interstitial cirrhosis, but that this result is very rarely reached because the primary cardiac disease goes on much more quickly. It is error which careful attention to the pitch and quality, and a comparison with the trachea and some other healthy portion of lung, ought to Diminished vesicular murmur is incident to a number of conditions which affect the intensity of the respiration. An important character of the mixed phosphates and urates thrown down as the result of the ammoniacal fermentation is their liability to undergo concretion into a mortar-like mass; this forms a large part of many calculi, and it may also collect upon the end of a catheter left in the bladder, and upon the surface of the mucous membrane itself. In organic disease they shade into each other more or less gradually, and if a hemianesthesia, is not nearly so complete as above described.

It- failure to shorten the duration of the disease and to diminish its mortality, its doubtful benefit in giving immediate relief, the frequenl gastric disturbance following its use, it- slow elimination, and the thought in the minds of many physicians that it may have rather injured than benefited the patient, have resulted in its disuse.

The pharynx receives its blood principally from the ascending pharyngeal, a branch of the external carotid, and the ascending palatine, a branch of the facial.


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