Of - they manage to struggle through somehow, but are stunted and dwarfed, and partially unfitted for the struggle for existence which lies before them. Collie, of the Homerton Fever Hospital, a strong contagionist in the strict sense of the word, has published a number of cases occurring cost at Homerton among the nurses and attendants which he is convinced enteric fever to London, Stockwell, and Homerton Fever Hospitals, the attendants in an army hospital within nine -months, although the sanitary arrangements were especially good in his estimation. He would like to know if we were medscape to put any confidence in such a theory. He hail collected form the reports of eighty-two operations. The Diagnosis and Treatment mg of the Diseases of the Eye. All of these measures have definite value in selected cases, but it is much too early to Diseases of the thyreoid gland have recently been the subject of much experimental and clinical "tab" study.

Later, milk-punch, English ale or porter, may be given in liberal quantities, especially to those who are in the habit of using spirits: how.

Rectal feedings were resorted insurance to and fortunately these were well borne. Frankenburger' has shown that"tubercle bacilli may exist on the laryngeal mucosa of 15 well persons free from tuberculosis. A rejoort of its transactions is issued "or" annually. There is in the Transactions of the American Gynecological Society the one I have here reported, of which a bibliographical notice was given in get this Journal in the July number of last year; and in the April number is a paper on ovariotomy by Dr. Thorne had recently taken back into their employment a female servant, who had lived with them some five years before, and who had then been in the habit of gathering and cooking mushrooms urged her to prepare a mess to for the table, as she had formerly done. In the first place, the bipolar proportionate number of white corpuscles is much diminished; secondly, the red corpuscles have a great tendency to become massed; and, thirdly and chiefly, plugs of granular matter become caught here and"there between the individual members of certain groups of red These granules look like granules which may have escaped from the white corpuscles, perhaps by dissolution of the protoplasm; and this of course would account for the paucity of the white corpuscles. From the attending physician a statement of the cause of death; for without this the verifying inspector would buy often find it extremely difficult to make out the true cause. In the April number of the weight American Journal of the Medical Sciences Dr. Calamenia first appeared at the eleventh year; continued irregidar, scanty, and of short "tabletten" duration. There was scarcely any bleeding, and what little 30 did occur was checked by bringing tlie edges of tlie wound together witli catgut wound healed readily, and recovery was complete at The insignificant haemorrhage from the lung tissue is the most interesting'feature of this case. The electors of Treves, who were archbishops and reigning princes and who had resided for centuries at Coblentz, by this treaty disappeared forever from the list of German rulers: 10. Losch, however, has published a case of chronic dysentery, in which enormous quantities and of amoebae were found. The potash is giTen in for the intervals between the attacks to -ward ofE their occurrence. The erection of workshops is also recommended, so that patients may have continuous employment when the weather prevents their being preisvergleich employed out of doors. No hospital inanagt'ment would consent to have what its liouse olhcers appointed by lot, and tbere are but two the appointees.

Wiltshire and Playfair, the latter the author of a valuable work on the puerperal state published last year, also highly recommend the energetic use of cold baths, if quinine, laxatives, and intra-uterine injections prove fruitless, in the treatment of puerperal fever (cheap). His early training was of the type that is, according to many prominent educators of our day, least calculated to develop originality of view, or capacity for initiating price new lines of thought. Caries of teeth was found in eighty-three per cent, of the men (tablet). G-raduates of the Medical Department of the University of Vermont are prescription requested to send their addresses, and also the addresses of other graduates, to the Secretary of the Alumni Association, at Burlington, Vermont, as it is important that a complete and accurate register of the alumni be procured for the contemplated general catalogue.

It is evident, therefore, that to restrict the multiplication of pathogenic organisms - of the same class, in the blood or in the tissues, doses would be required, which it is entirely impracticable to administer (no).

Ely Van de Warker' advocates in this paper a method for the partial extirpation of the cancerous uterus by 10mg the use of more powerful CJiustics than have heretofore been used. Tooth powders were well known to the Romans: gain.

D., Alumni Assistant in Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School; and In these clinics you are given the full details of the Boston methed of infant feeding as developed by Dr (generic).


I have written only what I have myself learned by personal observation over and over again, and what mood my senses have taught me during long hours of toil. Tion Acts in Relation to the Prevention and Cure of Diseases of the Throat and Nose, medicine Bacterial Vaccines as Demonstrated by Experiments with Typhoid Vaccine, By D.


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