Amantadine Symmetrel®

the office of registrar of deaths or superintendent registrar ;
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with other people's patients. The end is inefficiency, and
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Si/tnptoms. — The obtrusive symptoms, noticeable without
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to which the cliild also went who was removed on February Sijth.
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Glasgow, and Paisley. The 340 deaths registered in Glasgow included 31
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small flame— for example, that of a spirit lamp— for three
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amantadine symmetrel®
were in many instances eaten into holes by the sewer gas,
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has Some practically free scholarsliips for the Kensington High School
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Sib Philip Smyly has been elected representative of the
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of vaccination to small-pox, we must confess to a sense of dis-
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maternal and five fcetal deaths in fifty-five cases. These
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M'Neillie, A. M'L. Robertson, J. C. Robertson, G. G. Russell, W.
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no doubt that the imperfect education of the medical student
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to school teachers, male and female, who encourage revacci-
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nierely those whose area is originally suggested for inclusion
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line of defence " was deemed, by reason of central responsi-
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discomfort. The absence of pigment referred to by Lord
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Government sacrificed their consistency and tlieir governing
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cellular tissue, but the little patient was in such a severe col-
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did actually lake place in the course of acute pneumonia, as
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She consulted me for the first time on Decem'oer 23fd, 1892,


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