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provided stringent regulations for their conduct in
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that in those animals which showed no intestinal trouble
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COPIC. COPIC has commissioned an outside actuarial study. The
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amount of blood which is lost and is comparatively rapidly compen-
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celebration in Washington, May 14, 1896, of the anni-
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peculiar condition of the hands of the dead, observed by M. Villerme, would
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dorsal vertebra. One seance, lasting from ten to fifteen minutes, may
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.approaching completion. The superintendent thinlcs that it
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The ashes resnltin<^ from tli(^ incineration wen; dissolved in
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B'DDLE. On .Vpril ISth, at Yal«>ly. Hampshire, the wife of Thomas
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The graduate course, in which the student, about departing from
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content to stand-by and study the natural history of
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quinine and iron, and she has daily recovered since, and is now
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Medicine Chests, for Physicians. Made of Russet Leather.
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to clear their nostrils, it is neoessarj to iree them of the obstractiiig
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and to the fact that the Local Government Board has resolved
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F. {?)7.7° to 39.4° C), the pharyngeal symptoms not very
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of art. (3.) Consequently, when a case of pulmonary lesion presents
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Remarques sur les ferments solubles s^cr^t^ par V Aspergillus niger et le Penicil-
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should exclude animal flesh, which contains exanthin and
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joint has been hit hard — stiffness remains, which is due
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and from the varjdng combinations of which we make our
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greater will this extending force be. Sellheim has prepared a model
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ence of any morbid influence, other than ex])osure to
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castor-oil was given on the previous night, and early on the morning
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len, and some ecchymosis in the popliteal region. Up
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• March 18-20, “Emergency Medicine; Clinical-Radiological Cor-
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The stomach was cut into smaU pieces, each piece carefully washed in
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sible, and when he comes in give liberal hand-rubbing, apply lini-
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inaugurated the Clinical Chair of Diseases of the Nervous System.
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V. Storcli (31) employing his own reagent found that exposure of
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delle iinmersioni fredde; snll' existenza ed indole
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Transactions of the American Surgical Association. Volume the Eleventh. Edited
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had reached Rostow. In a short time the cities along the Russian shore of
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ing the rest of the year the climate is very agree-
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the administration of 12 ounces of hot water three times a day
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auricle, into the lung, into the pleura, into the right bronchus, into the


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