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A pessary is also used, — a small smooth stick, such as

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Commissioners have been altered. It is now possible for

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ary 9th, Dr. William B. \"an Lcnnep, aged sixty-four

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Saturday, January J^^th. — Harvard Medical Society;

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visit of my patient revealed to me the error in my conclusion.

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profuse when the animal is exercised, or when the head

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fetus up and take it away in pieces. It is impossible

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make the more si.gnal failures. Its impressive les-

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my soul. And the more alluring it all was, the more

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Hospital, 4,715 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa, U.S.A.

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usually prescribed. I have giveji thirty or forty grains, and even ^

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tion consists in the laxity of the parts, disposing the edges of the

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of medicine, as it is in that of law, for the development of jwtioe

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each branchy in this period, and yet devote ai\y rational time to

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CPT-4: Summary of Additions, Deletions & Revisions (1985 - 1989)

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truss is made, to be applied to the spavin for an hour

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travelling, in developing or aggravating epilepsy, chronic spasm,

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but on inquiry I found that as the child who was just dis-

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five per cent. In addition to the spacing out of the

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their efficiency, extraction and curettage ; excision

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novel in their appointments and are toned in French

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iiicisions on the outer surface of the face. I have removed even

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lowed by a moving picture of the reflex in the liv-

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every three hours. If the horse is in much pain, an

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operation. Resection of the seventh or eighth rili.

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referred to the rarity of the specimen he was only referring

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which the doctor pointed out w^as full of infection. The

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all factors which would lead to his mental and phys-

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tibia, and leave a pad almost equal to the normal substance, whereby


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