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in connection with the development and activity of the
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mechanical extension with Scarpa's shoe or other apparatus
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the other hand, thorough disinfection of hands, clothes, and
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I hold no brief from Dr. Sansom, but I have studied parts
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especially in yonik'!= subjects. He had seen a sacral tumour
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applied the term topographical consanguinity. In certain
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rabbit the fall of pressure was usually more rapid, and
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case. Hardly any scarring resulted, and the mucous mem-
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77. With a view to his entering the medical profession his
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and conjugate deviation of the eyes to the same side ; subse-
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the contrary, tiiey made it evident that, there was an appre-
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the cranial bones, and proposes simply a comparison of the
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now that it was temporarily laid on the shelf, he was pre-
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Fine Arts in Relation to the Sanitary Conditions of our
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Hospital ; W. H. Kenrick. of London Hospital ; A. J. Eastcott and
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ordered the prescription by his medical attendant. The patient
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the experiments which they conduct and record with so much
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honest price. This pitiful expedient for increasing
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with patience and fortitude. Mr. Crane was born in Leicester
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South Wales than in most other counties, it is probable that
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The Journal and Finance Committee of the British Medical
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such distances as a quarter of a mile, which some magis-
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Our Ediuburgh Correspondent writes : A further case of small-pox
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and thickened, covered with fibrinous exudation, and con-
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of the most enlightened ofiicials whom England has lent to
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1. In the Cell Body. — Taking, therefore, cancer of the bi'east
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vaginal amputation and total extirpation. The fact of even
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sale of poisons, which is further regulated by a Royal Decree
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form of lead poisoning. In some way, at present not under-
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vaccination and revaccination being strongly brought forward, and extra
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the treatment. It was very obvious, from an inspection of
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normal. There was evidence of broncho-pneumonia in both
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scheme, which thus — temporarily, at least — falls to the
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Strand, London. Post-office orders should be made payable
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Another Medical Officer writes ; I have held the same post at our


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