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however, drugs may act in a specific manner — e. g., adrenalin(?).
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animal. In a few minutes the tetanic action entirely ceased, and
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world, the innocent offspring is expelled from the womb by force, contrary to na-
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without causing dyspnea and rapid heart action which any
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service to the public. Time and careful observation are needed
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but in morbid states it is rare for both eyes to advance by quite
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together. Not one of the rooms was ventilated — the inmates would not be pre-
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dog, goose and pigeon ; not in the cat, in human beings, in the hare,
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parently dead^ and especially of the Royal Humane Society
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does not so much arise from the rarity of its occurrence, as from
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gerated form of that which is usually present in a much milder
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Fig. 133. — The microscopic appearance of the tumor. The rich vas-
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the Mediterranean in a north-westerly direction, noting the prin-
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mons which have been supposed to be limited to, or chiefly
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cases in which the conditions of sympathetic disease were present,
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beck of fashion, or the law of carelessness. Disease should not be allowed to invade
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As for instance, in the city of New York, the proportion of deaths in 1805 was 1 in
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chiasma nervorum opticorum ; and the more, since they believed
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" Mr. Chadwick's report on the sanitary condition of the laboring classes, shows
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mology in the University of Utrecht. Translated from the
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''The sea-shore and the banks of the Paillon are especially
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The most interesting of the lot, however, is one of poisoning by
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have concurred in saying that "Minerals exert a pernicious and baneful influence
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mental than the physical being. The man who first impresses the genital organs of


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