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markedly disturbed. If so he fails to mention how rare these

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was held at Arbroath on July Sth Dr. Dewar President in the chair.

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ever seen. There was an enormous mass on each side of

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Voted unanimously to expell Isaac Tewksbury from the

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dently a i eanut which had been swallowed without mastica

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To this code was prefixed a lucid letter from Mr. Sydney Herbert

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duration may loosen the connections between the cunningly arranged in

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ness. All instruments are not strictly identical in

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by the method just described at intervals covering a period of hours. The

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series of papers commencing with one in in which he formally

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ing hairs or other irritants in the wound or pinning the

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scope rouleaux are absent and the red blood corpuscles are crenated and

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Naval Hospital and with the addition of an appropria

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ment above alluded to is explained by Ldpine on the supposition that

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consequently be obliged to move and rebuild in the near future.

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through the personal attention of those trained to the work.

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been disinfected with chloride of lime and carbolic acid.

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Litchfield County Society practicing in Washington. He

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smaller extreme parts of each system were thought to be mere

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gout must be removed once and for all from the category of metabolic

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burnt down tbe blaze flashed in at the uncurtained windows of St.

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suppression though one would have thought that the fact

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