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change of dressings was made ten days after the operation, and

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what class of readers such a book would not prove useful,

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red corpuscle by any of their methods of staining, that a

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papers for special mention, but we can not forbear to allude to

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by the neoplastic shrinking connective tissue. Then the substtmce

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it; but in others, a lack of uniformity hinders both teacher

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General Medical Council. The Council now recommends the fol-

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other form, and is for the most part observed while the patients

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with a residence at watering-places, and thus arrive at a fair judgment

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of those specially interested in the subject to obtain

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on the shelter requirements. Steers that are on full feed can enjoy

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right side of heart enlarged and cavities dilated; stomach enlarged,

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cussed this paper. I thought the paper would promote a good

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ent on the table belong to this class, but it maybe that, with

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Third. If remedies could be used which would prevent putrefactive changes in the bUck

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place, that the natural course of pneumonia is more decidedly cyclical

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sometimes easy, and sometimes extremely difficult The

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of a niiinlicr of Hiiiall, round, liard, rai!*i-d papiilr.x of tlir rolor of the

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both, have been observed. The improvement manifested in these remissions

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1 lth. Not much change ; crepitus very plainly heard in the

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amphibious animal. These occurrences naturally excited much interest amons the

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and by Dr. Millar to be equal, in point of health and as regards death-

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Medecine in Paris, and has established himself in practice

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occurs at high altitudes, this does not prove that in-

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stance — opsonin — taken up from the serum by the receptors of

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out calling other considerations to our aid. M. Fou-

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or water, and divide into pills, each containing two

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chicken cholera — that is to say, it may modify more or less the

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Medical Officer are practically accessible to all the

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mosquito to seek the light by darkening all but one window.

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whether its origin be vascular or toxic, lies behind the corpora quadrigemina

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greater " extravascular pressure " of small extravasations on the brain ;

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original. A similar knowledge of the German language it is hoped

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B. \V , thirt3'-five years of age, married, a native


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