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below zero as found by previous workers. The urine

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He therefore comes to the conclusion that it is only in cases

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to this element than to the inferior condition of the inhalntants.

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not to introduce any infecting material into the bladder.

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tlie female resembles the mother. The same products

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tigations regarding the African coast fever which he conducted

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repeats if after two or three hours the patient has not

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brick with limestone trimmings. It will have a front

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confronted by the striking fact that the most frequently

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suppose the bark had more effect upon it for it was cured one

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humbly to solicit your Excellency to appoint him to succeed

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The writer having found the various forms of stool

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men in the profession flatly refused to believe that the human body

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of their beds in extirpation of the prostate were prettily

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Some writers on experimental cholecystitis conclude from their

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liltle pain even if the rent extends to the vaginal junc

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rent convulsions and persistent temperature should arouse our

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severity of the operation. In the single survivor it was noted that

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The bag being properly adjusted in the Speculum is now fully dh

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great suffering in his head of two or three years standing. The marks

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Committee on Matters of Professional Interest in the State.

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most cases of short duration. There is also a more tran

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tion takes place a greater volume of oxygen is absorbed than

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Society of Newcastle on Tyne before which he read about two

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