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quently contained albumen and paralbumen and sometimes a few
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tion of the deformity of the vertebrae is exceedingly
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obstruction was apt to be serious and fatalities had
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l lant are expectorant and diuretic and are useful in several pulmo
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more direct importance to the medical profession in
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corpuscles and leucocytes. By the use of the ultramicroecope page
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means of an aqueduct the water from which passes through
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nud methodical use of food and of everything essen
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bilious fluid a mixture containing thirty grains of bicarbonate of
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outbreak of severe brain symptoms. The patients become somno
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The charm of this volume made many converts for botany.
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hypochondriac concerning his mental or physical h alth
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policy of the receiving physician is always to err on
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Dr Leonard Findla has very kindly furnished us with statistics
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the axillary line the proximity of the heart was objection
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in pulp cavity of tooth resembling hone in structure
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by median perineal section removed a sutticicnt amount of the
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of arteries. He reports fourteen operations nine on horses and
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and destroy them by electrolysis. Where a large polypus is
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dicates its sedative influence which will generally be felt before
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hydrate ingestion all the protein and all the fat must

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