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children and are therefore entitled to a greater degree of con

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men still to be found upon the face of the earth and

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sively. When the first joints became involved there

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tartar aUohot and mineral salts which wine furnishes when analyud

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blistered the shoulders and had then sprinkled morphia on it.

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pyrexia etc. Tongue loaded bowels torpid. Zinci sulphatis

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Phenacetine Bayer Para Acetphenetidine prepared by the Farbenfabriken

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modified Listerism in abdominal work notwithstanding the

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low liquid that the animal threw out with expulsive efforts.

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and there was never any forcible or distressing pulsation either

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cases of multiple joint disease where spondylitis is

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struggle of one against the many to consider well both what will

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smooth or finely granular. It is tough in consistence but

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K this treatment be adopted earbj and properly the patient is cured

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thoroughly washed some slough removed discharge quite

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to the complications which so frequently accompany em

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with a tendency to take on her bodily and intellectual charac

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and the white corpuscles increased in severe cases to the point

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effect is attended with agreeable subjective sensations.

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that the raising of cattle is advised by agriculturists to produce the

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from the intestinal canal have not been observed. In cases in

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of endotheliomata or cholesteatomata an exactly similar

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unlike diphtheria of rather more chronic course. Examination of a

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to examine this man s urine alljunien was found pres J

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to describe the appearance of pityriasis folliculorum

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sent to second reading when amendments to it can be offered

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react to a direct blow but are incapable of being re

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thing beyond what your letter permits. Wesalius smarting under

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cording to Dr. Elizabeth Reifsnyder of Shanghai China

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introduced into the intestinal canal nor glucose coming from the

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history of medicine as will be found by anyone who can

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University of Delaware that September as a pre medical

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Gynecology Diseases of Children Genito Urinary and Orthopedic Surgery Ophthalmology and

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large number of hostiles were reported to be at the principal village at

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part of the tube corresponding to the future stomach and duodenum

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