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sure though l. e not a special record of its state was

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intense itching the gastric disturbances and the fact that it is

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To endeavour to prevent infection of the peritoneum during the

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Osterborg. in reported cases and presented experimental studies

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all the cases reported as typhoid fever were shown upon bacteriological

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very largely concealed by the presence of dropsy. In some renal diseases

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It has been stated by Mr. Mayo that the pupils are contracted

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compress for some hours. There was in fact no animal smell at all.

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aspires the fluid in contact with it by virtue of neg

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addressed to the Editors of The American Practitioner and News Louisville Ky.

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finger till it was placed behind Poupart s ligament through

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Borage leaves compressed in ounce packages for retailing purposes.

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until the local authorities are satisfied as to their health if

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eruption but simply a local one at the point of inoculation. The

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The leukocytes are usually diminished four thousand to the cubic milli

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tion which modifies the nutrition or mode of activity

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The features are heavy and dull the face red and somewhat of a

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was made on the tip of the sound and the latter pushed

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In recent years some excellent arrangements accord

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sections of such i condition are shown by the abstractor in the paper

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the classes being limited in order to permit of full personal

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citability suppression or diminution of faradic excita

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spreading into the larger channel and instead of running smoothly parallel

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so unavailing that it seemed justifiable to try femoral

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induration often exceedingly tender. At first it is firm but as it

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methods I prefer not to name either hospitals or surgeons.

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est to the profession are invited from all parts of the world.

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complex movements exist either in the posterior columns nor in

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seems justified that the absence of all other loss of

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Hysteria is almost always a chronic disease the symptoms

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fever which he says is a true bloody flux or dysentery although

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