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disease has existed some time it is surprising hovr
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sion constitutes a most important and in many cases the only
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to the civilization intelligence and Christian philanthropy
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would follow. I of course endorsed her hopeful view
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It is another question how far my conjecture of early per
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conditions than in the male. Cervical chancre closely
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by ulceration in common with other parts this admtnbfe re
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lating and handling poisonous and other active prin
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Government has just crippled them by converting the
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years ago his previous history was negative. He de
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In considering the possibility of one patient poison
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terference with the advance of knowledge of the heal
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has suggested that this neuritis may accompany or pre
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disease of the spine exists and the diagnosis may be difficult
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of cases of endocarditis in which there was a considerable
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lodged in the throat and could not be loosened. Creosotum
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heredity is involved in the causation. Giving proper weight to these facts
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respiration was made easy and the patient was relieved. Auscultation showed
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neously presenting discordant colours to identical points of the
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can inject leaves it still diluted only not dissolved.
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in every case of fracture of the neck of the femur. He
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sons should be permitted to return to ordinary life
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the comparatively mild forms of lupus vulgaris seen in
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of which came the oracles which shone with the rays
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Death in appendicitis is due usually to general peritonitis.
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mine the specitic dynamic action of protein and the basal metabolism
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found almost directly behind the left canine and in
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which may be urged as an argument against the insertion of
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all important reproductive function of sex finishes
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American Medical Publishers Association Meeting of
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than this question of infant feeding. Every mother in the Province
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gation the medicating substances being dissolved in a pint of water anil
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with in the same domestic circle who. had never been vaecis
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a time when that malady had not been discriminated by

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