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agreed was not medically correct but was used because of the stigma attached

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liable to any mischief likely to arise from its application in an

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Crites. It is not indeed to be supposed that those who have

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January I was asked to see a patient suffering from angina.

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as may be necessary for the relief and transport of the

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Slioidd Ignorant Laymen be Permitted to Treat the Sick

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fectly elastic. It returns only after an interval to

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D. G. Cunningham superintendent of machinery and repairs at the


A few parasites may cause no disturbance. In children there are irrita

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deaths from sword wounds recorded and from bayonet wounds.

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strength and other appearances of sinking quickly supervened.

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etc. The ointment syringe may also be used to great

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Vincennes began to give concessions and all his successors have given

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to that age period during which inanition becomes ominously notice

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College. During the rebellion of at Amherstburgh being

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cannot get enough serum into the system to counteract its ravages.

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cion of the liver is sometimes experienced during the attack. A

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sarcoma of the throat by the infection of the lymphatic glands of the

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tention were being devoted to history taking and study of

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of Xew York if he has not misapprehended the views of Robert

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m er with disturbances of glycolitic function. Again we

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difference came from the fact that that maximum speed

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and protected from heat and dryness tlien to be taken

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matter from the bowels by a purgative of castor oil or calomel

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dissolved out by the addition of Javelli s lye subchloride of

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Dr. HORSFORD in reply said he brought the case for diagnosis. There

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matous condition all through. For internal treatment I gave

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epiglottis above ami of the trachea below. After secretion ba occnrred

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