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in this manner should be reported until a sufficient
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than have been recognized. By recognizing the liability
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They ought to have flannel next the skin in winter and cotton in
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many of these cases a number of plastic operations are re
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money sjnt by unregistered mail. Remittances from Foreign Couti
sulphonephthalein into the muscles of the loin and made
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brain abscess cases. Spinal fluid cell count has varied from twenty to one
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right tibia. She had been under specific treatment but showed
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out bare headed. The fluctuanl tumor became hard and
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labor was induced after delivery rapid increase in quantity of the urine.
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which may produce either direct dislocation of the organ
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of these animals were larger than those of the controls. In ani
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skull was removed to the level of the foramen ovale. It will
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full detail the first being a good example of vascular purpura
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employed for their amelioration or cure were often wholly
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eottdsts in dilatation of the cells it is not necessarily irremediable.
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ophthalmic and aural pathology open to the inspection of
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been found to contain traces of reducing substances in apparently
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covered and frequently so small indeed was this le
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will we hope record some at least of the achievements and failures of
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ment may be preset up to one hour signalling the oper
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able to be of such service and it was a great gratification
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the th of October yet some sporadic cases had occurred on the
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peristalsis and most important of all the time that has elapsed
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He next appeals to the Hospital Register in which he says
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As we shall see later this criticism is particularly applicable in the case
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to this question if all the methods of wound treat
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The rectum is loosened from the sacrum downward as far
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heart and arteries by stimulating these centres and the unstriated
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by pressing a bit of snow between the fingers but if this sound
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show this. But it is so obvious that disease beginning in
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scrofulous catarrh as we designate intestinal catarrh which is accom
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sink when placed in water when spherical it is termed
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more delicate obscure forms of disease of the brain produced
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lence is totally destroyed. But ther e is a further

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