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may have arisen from the general ignorance as to the cause of

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tion and confirmed in every subsequent attempt that

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a case of an unmarried woman of years who had suffered with

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tion of the biliary ways occurs. Cholecystotomy with drainage

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C. Curves illustrating the composite nature of the physiological electrocardiogram. The

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by Senora Rosalia Abreu in the charming suburb Cerro.

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a lack of cots but no patient has ever slept on the

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change accounted for these appearances as the autopsy wsis

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June st. I examined the wound and found that it had

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that electric stimulation of the nerves entering the

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of excitability and the nervous controlling the rate of discharge so that

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shaped slightly elliptic coccus united in pairs a fact to which it owes

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tis ami erysipelas or in serious organic disease of neigh

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