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push his investigations during the year but he proposes to make more
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presence of many of these anomalies is generally not sus
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monoxid hydrogen sulphid mercury etc. These special instances repre
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cal papilla and discharges into a relatively roomy genital atrium
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melted agar was added to the powdered mercuro iodo hemol it formed
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was detected in the lungs. A short time later the child
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of those details which now enrich the domain of pathological ana
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genital canal. The vagina of calves of non pregnant and preg
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having been the commander of a merchant ship took so much
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ing will require changes in treatment broadening of ideas
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with a few scattered petechial hemorrhages hypostatic congestion
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two thousand diameters. This however has been reduced in the pro
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able record and the influence he has exerci ed in the develop
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tuberculosis of mediastinal mesenteric or retroperitoneal glands.
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to the uterus a certain amount of tonic which it re
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of such nucleated cells. Some cells are independent of and isolated
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dietetic measures he applied the x ray alternately to the
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Bennett was doubtful as to this point. Koch s process
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ture being verified by two observations and being quite in accordance
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been there. Still less are we able to say just what
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the lips of the speaker and finally in default either through lack of
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worthy to rank among the best text books of Surgery in the English
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pineal gland is most active during early infancy and per
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of his diseased pulmonary tissue and also that if the pus had
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operation. From this examination a great many conditions
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ply proper splints and moderate comi res.sion with a
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seated pain tenderness on pressure especially in the right
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and the bands themselves were fixed to the teeth by screws tapped
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choice for occupational testing. By getting physicians.

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