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The chemistry of the bacillus is fully entered into and detailed

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ity was diminished by cooling. Thirteen natients witVi

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was in dissections of bad strictures to pass the ordinary surgical probe.

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gave Dr. Morley again as his authority and Aubrey repeats the tale

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been so admirable and so much more successful than that of

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is true recommend traction in a line with the body

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ing down into the iliac region there appeared to be a dis

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eases and showed in a most striking manner that the

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dent elect Dr. Joseph P. Logan to the chair which being done he

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The fluid was found to contain large numbers of small very active

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ogy is already able to distinguish the different vari

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sacrifices the life of that child and has no place in

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with established and long standing changes in the structure

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When we recall to memoiy the following arsenical symp

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aoundnewi are all alike legally sound. They are eligible to license

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not permitted to leave hospital until a normal standard

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it is a question if ever a big or often repeated doses

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Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and President of the Faculty.

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metres from ape x to the intra ventricular septum. Besides

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of construction and management and for eflectiveness and economy

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food before all their teeth are cut shedding the primary molars is

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well marked flow of synovia. The operation was performed ac

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He believes that it is useful to favor as much as possible

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mitral insufficiencj we shall find evidence of anemia general

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moved without difficulty. There had been no paralysis

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is affected the heart projects more into the right side of the thorax.

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the sphincter vesicse could be similarly affected. This

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que nous voyons que sera ce done quand viendront les

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diose of holding the recent graduates as a reserve corps is pre

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struction nor experience. If this were politics the

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Purulent pleurisy opening externally spontaneously

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adiposn. It has been observed in connection with cancer and wi e

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formidable in this country than in the Atlantic states. On the

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by the stomach. In less than five minutes he was asleej and

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proved itself so successful in the hands of another prac

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of a teaspoonful of fluid extract of ergot. Usage varies

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of undergoing resolution results in the condition above described a

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apparently taken from the same source in Wistar s Anato

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deformity only by the normal impediment which it offers to

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