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infection and even gangrene may follow the puncture.

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cystoscopic examination and ureteral catheterization. When

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ter of an ounce of flour into a thick soft paste. When

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In disease the acidity of the urine is more frequently diminished

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dure in the world. Approximately cell separation procedures are now

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tic arc included because there are sound reasons for considering

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Kitt and Johne however have succeeded in demonstrating virulent glanders bacilli

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other physician in the United States this condition

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above board. The exalted position of the individual

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Magnus are fully confirmed by our present experiment with pure

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age population of the city of Rio. It is well known that

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taneously in any stage this being especially true of the local varieties

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taining hyoscyamus h. niger. This was evidently a re

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it is very convenient in measuring out the test dose which represents

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tion not an adhesion nor induration nor any mark of

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pelvic region appetite poor pulse temperature in the

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strangulation was due to the appendix encircling Hie

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