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not due to anchylostoma. Without the examination of the faeces

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The pain did not radiate to the front upward nor down

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happiest effects. If the woman were at her menstrual term we omitted the

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seven cases cauterised acute coryza nasal polypus and hay

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clusion. Dr. Dickinson nmintained that the disorder was

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Suffers from lack of coordination of the muscles con

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cation the greater would be the choice of occupations

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quires a general treatment. Calcium sulphide seems to

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brane of the mouth and fauces those aphthous spots degene

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tions. The organizations for prospective veterinarians are the

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Ever since the Piatt heirs have been vainly trying to induce Congress to

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mit of ready dislocations. The painful spectacles so often met with

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to quite as much evidence against as in favor of its

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observe that we can again see nothing but Homoeopathy in

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iliac region. Appendicitis was diagnosed. At the operation

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One of the trials of the Health Officer of this port and

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a mutual agreement that they will not attend profes

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sighted and presbyope. The expense is so trifling that

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reason for the appearance of a precipitate of phosphates when previously

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such traumatism. He did not think the rupture of the

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similar cavity situate in one of the lower lobes through bronchi whose

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quarter of an inch external to the left ala nasi and

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When the disease has already developed we should have recourse

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with beak and throat widely distended making it possible to view the

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patient was treated by various physicians without result

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of late been the subject of vigorous controversy in

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tract. High colonic lavage would remove this type of

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culin in respect to the specific local or focal reaction and

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oedema of the superior parts congestion of the brain dysphagia and

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the bacilli can produce caseous pneumonia in rabbits by endo

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readily to socialism from its altruistic and liberal nature

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and they all recovered. The action of the serum can gen

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is in my opinion nevertheless misleading and should not

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recognized by its use. In such cases the depth of the uterine

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It weighs I should think about two pounds. It was taken from the

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la season were three persons landed from the steamer P. Miller

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pofe membranes are different ones as no fat is ever depofited

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In amputations of the lower extremity the amputation made on

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blister was applied over the tender part and after it rose the

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