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the suppuration process and not consequences of the specific variolous
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Miss Elizabeth Walker an Irish lady who resided in Dublin.
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intestinal canal bladder and vasa deferentia at the fourth and fifth
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tient may communicate the disease to other patients. I
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experience to observe only one case in which there were evidences of
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channels and the disease continues to prevail extensively for some
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their charge until his arrival at his ultimate destina
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In another case he observed an entirely unexpected death from cardiac
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Properties. Alterative and in sufficient doses cathartic. It is regarded as a
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sary he would never think of operation when an ordinary
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the University and the Normal Schools and on Thursday morn
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Path. No. presented a subacute salpingitis not only in the tube
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moveable independently of a swelling felt behind it and to
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washed off then dried and rubbed into a fine powder then
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ian Committee duly notified of the fact has completed
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ing to Daniels it is almost always absent. It may be
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the different functions are not perfect and the sex
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organization will be inspected by a commissioned medical officer
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ilion is the same that arrests tuberculosis when it is
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Instead of going into details concerning the symptomatology
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not to run any risk Ijut also to state that I have made
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these rations for the Government and which he had mortgaged his real
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tended and a radical cure of the hernia performed in a modified
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tended and a radical cure of the hernia performed in a modified

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