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the organs or supplied by those which line the cavities in which they
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The following invitation has been sent to the Governor
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An account of the amputations at the ankle joint and neighbourhood
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a fact that the bacillus does not grow on healthy mucous or
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Au analysis of this table shows the following tacts
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with bilateral obstruction the all pervading symptom
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origin femoralis branches circumfiexa femoris latera
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ago that if affairs progressed at the rate they had
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tinued use of coal tar products antipyrin or acetanilid
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this condition he said had been reported. Clinically and
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Dr. Duhring in a verbal statement to me said that he had never
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hand was introduced into the stomach but the foreign
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from duty at Jefferson Barracks Mo. and to report by letter
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Leprosy is stated to be rather common among the African
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many of the sections the cells were not so numerous and
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In a partial review of the literature we have seen no important advance
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man may dispatch such business more rapidly by immediately put
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cretion takes place. If the source of the infection is in the
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NaH P NaCl. This is a particularly important detail of the buffer
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encouiagement from the medical profession citizens and the gen
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showed a high rise of temperature followed by a fall
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the defects of the system of accounts and records under which
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New York Academy of Medicine on the occasion of the
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quickly pass from the equilibrium of analgesia into
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accompanied by sweating. In doses of centigrammes given in
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and besides fishes and frogs have been known to live and retain their
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which such kidney trouble occurred where there were
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about by disease may be considered under various heads
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portio dura on the left side of the face evidenced by almost
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library of the Veterinary School of the University of Bologna
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immediately to the Chief Staff Officer on such causes and
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will receive at his Establishment fa thful and judicious atten
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Pomponazzi goes on with the theory that the imagin
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of mind and hating all unnecessary trouble went to Paris
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may lead to great hardship for the patient owing to
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septic peritonitis the newer antitoxins for gonorrheal in
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strength. He has put on flesh and has grown and developed
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seems possible that the ingestion of such food might
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structure of some of these ruins we are impressed with the fact of

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