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tion than as a secretion playing any essential part in digestion

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H. Stern in an article in the Medical Review of Reviews of April

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presiding and was honoured by the presence of H.E. the

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refuse feed they salivate mouth painful to the touch. Within days

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iniluen a. The bladder symj toms dni ing this period were distinctly

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premier s avisa de conserver la rime lout en observant la

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Add the iron to ounces of the hydrochloric acid in a flask and

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soft palate third division of uvula velum palatine hone

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it extends more laterally producing a terraced or shelving appear

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advisable to wait till these appear before commencing

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repletion to which a phyfician fliould have fpecial regard the one ftrengthening

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bichloride solution. Direct surgical treatment of a tubercu

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mends adoption of the resolution with the following

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before operation and at the time of the operation had a stone

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eases the meninges are irritated cellular elements are

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although many surgeons will drain the gallbladder and remove it later

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extraordinary acceleration of the pulse and the spasmodic

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tion are always examined for the lepra bacillus they are

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connective tissue increase in the walls of the blood vessels.

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let the doubled blanket remain as it is and tuck up the

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until cured. I tell him of the dangers to health to

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abuse and the employment of calomel had been tabooed for years.

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