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making the total volume up to. cc. Portions were then taken for
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fies it Qualitative Analysis may be substituted for or S.
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perfectly clean should be sprinkled with water and allowed to remain
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particularly borne out in practice because of the fact that
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No hereditai y disposition to disease could be ti aced. Two
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and four hours. The procedure adopted was the same as in the
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cavity find the caecum locate the seat of the appen
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the nerve was so stretched a suture should be inserted
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lished the fact beyond a doubt that the cure is perform
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Your Committee therefore regard it as essential to the welfare
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thenia painful deglutition restlessness and irrita
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nosis was not promising in this case and I so informed the mother.
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ble or incapable of transmission from the individual to another.
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Ceylon Rifle Regiment. Surgeon Henry Lionel Cowen having com
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which have been observed the duration of life after the rupture has sot
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more definite term than that. It is not a disease but a
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bum and camphor will often be indicated while in choleraic
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examples in chronic articular rheumatism in which the dyspepsia

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