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Resolution of Federal Board of Hospitalization. The philosophy that no

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From the outbreak of smallpox which we had last year

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distension of the abdomen disa peared and vomiting did not recur.

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removal of the disease without the necessity of any

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customary discharges parturition recession of rheumatism

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of the gums and astringents for checking the diarrhoea while

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amount of water. The skin should be bathed and the hair

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simultaneously tuberculosis of the tear sac and tuberculous fistulse

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Vauheim. he had had the opportunity of studying the sys

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sequence simple hysterectomy had lost all precedence. He

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of the frontal bone articulating on cither side with the

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stomach and usually then associated with chronic gastritis. The use of the

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the blood in the veins of the neck and head. They are not

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received amongst the fasti of Medical science until the year when

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on the left and averages mm. in thickness. Scattered throughout

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extent. The voluntary motor power is still considerable and the

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parts processus vocales injury of the eye iris tuberculosis from

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be suddenly discontinued and broken without some nay

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warm weather returned. His cough and occasional dyspnoea

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and compare views on some of tlie important sulijects

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Symptoms. Increased flow at the menstrual period and

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system of x ray dosage. He takes advantage of the property

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for their task and easily imposed on by the hj pocritical

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general. It is not indeed to be believed for a moment that

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tality on the Delaware river among the settlers in West

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the treatment of Nervous Diseases by rest electricity mass

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brain hence we can understand how that by stimulation of the

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currence of the disease was first established by Sequens while

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free or attached foreign bodies complicated with hy

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Codman amp Shurtleff of Boston or by J. Solis Cohen or

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leaving his creditors in for over. The other practiced in

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be made. It is usually associated with acute gastritis and if the process

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arrived about six hours after the accident his tempera

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Pathology. The changes are usually in the white fibrous tissue and are

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