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with the double salt of mercuric chlorid and methylene blue are still

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them cheaper than the old fashioned Fluid Machines.

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Light alimentation mostly milk and to drink hot drinks made of

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sented be retained under treatment and consequently the largest

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should be regarded as the effect of the Arsenic or of the

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well into the inguinal ring and the ligament laid hold of as

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pain in the loin and groin suggested a possible pyelitis

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floors of the wards are only washed by their special

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failed so that the body soon becomes cold. But in cer

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that a child was sickening for scarlatina or measles might be of

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no little reputation who strenuously contend that sometimes

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purge and leave sack and live cleanly as a nobleman should do.

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cured by the arsenic but there is no doubt about her

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strife of Christian and Moor England and France were

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been. Meanwhile by a process of auto inoculation fresh buUse are

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relative effects on the centers and on the vessels and

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how many of their precious lives did he save by his

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by weight of salicylic acid and sodium bicarbonate

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latter. He had also referred to the juxta cervical gland following Poirier

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been shot through the ilium and he afterward removed an enormous

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discipline could not be attained at home the patient should

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violence twas exercis d by ufual but unobvious agents tho per

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removed this remains. It consists of the true spinal marrow

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means has never been employed under my own direction but it has

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of the country has been for the first time in its history compulsorily

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openings of the sebaceous glands which are often plugged

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the fingers and lips and it spread out into surrounding

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ined within a week of the patient s first visit and

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milcarry which may be afcribed to fome unavoidable accident

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on extensive researches in this matter did not confine his

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Session. As to Criminal Lunatics the new Asylum for them

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opinions of the different speakers generally founded solely upon

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diate instrumental aid. We considered it advisable to obtain

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ogist remarked that this patient had been treated by a city prac

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Stokes Adams syndrome with report of twocnses. Illi

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known as that of rubeola. M. Louis remarks I have observed

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