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permission to practise independently is given. These addi

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sinew and did not leid to suppuration and the result was excellent.

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tage of the great opportunities which army practice affords for the study

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examination showed that the lesion was not very super

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Remarks. That we may know what further the tongue may teach us we

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benefit in others when not due to mechanical interference.

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an anonymous writer authorised by Dr. Day When and what are

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cia aponeurosis of the external oblique and for its outer

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laries vasa nutrientia of the larger bloodvessels. Oppenheim was one

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the cerebral convolutions are flattened and as it were unrolled. Congenital

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in the fatal state is chiefly owing to a greater quantity of

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with all its constituents sufficed in the experiments of

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these circumstances can not be differentiated from the surrounding tissue

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do occur occasionally in our large cities where in too many

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non graduates ineligible for membership might obtain copies by

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In Raymond and Cestan s cases in which the bulbar disturbances were

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eliminated by the kidneys. But this activity of the

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man predicates to be useful from its confessed efficacy in the

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the total group called for comparison of the psychi

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Treatment. Usually a case of this kind is chronic before the doctor

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lent in the th and th centuries and which persisted

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the blood and the fluids with which the blood vessels are

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plegia. Three days later he had improved a great deal. He wrote

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