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would be entirely too large for anything and we might as well

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biliary ducts ureters etc. and the eruption of a neighboring

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long to break in permanently upon the morbid impressibility of the

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unfavorable. Surgery may save a number of otherwise fatal

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A little practice will enable anyone to measure the

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the secretion of the gland becomes continuous although it

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artificially prepared tuberculins may contain jnany of the

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incomparably of tener developed in an insidious way and are so frequently

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Leaving out of consideration the various kinds of simple enlargement

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Natchez Miss. Portions of a fossilized human skeleton were also

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cramp of the pylorus. Ewald and Fleischer have had oppor

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detail. Experiments upon animals have been b un but the

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tents at others there is a sensation as if the brain

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nothing unusual had happened. She complained of very little pain

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Of this acid extract about ten c.c. are poured off after settling

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The conjunctiva was affected in approximately per cent

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any length of time or at least only very carelessly

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sight and of smell enables us to differentiate pontine hemianaesthesia from

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convey an incorrect idea of the prevalence of this disease among the

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Hydrogen peroxide one teaspoonful after meais. Wear abdominal

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Capt. Richard H. Stahl MC at the th Station Hospital which func

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low acute prominences that present casts of the hair

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can well be put during the time when diagnosis is especially diffi

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immobility of clinical facts recorded by Dr. Cushing and the residents forced the

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