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lie at the bottom of the tragic experiences dragged

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sary corollary to the manner in which we live. Infants

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jerks present not so active as normally but more active

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suspicious could not be regarded as very definite evidence.

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In the face of these undisputed facts there is but one

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lowed by sulphate of quinine during the greater part of the

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perfectly healthy child but they prognosticate trouble if the brain w is

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only to recur with the same frequency and intensity. In Ma C

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anopia was central that is situated beyond the geniculate body either in the

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sputum also by traces of blood in the nasal secretion by a feeling

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year favorable letters of recommendation from their premedical committees or

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added be a simple matter in cases where the physician

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utes whereas they will live for days if exposed to a very

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downward and involving the posterior surface of the thighs as

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temples were being tightly clasped by an iron ring. Presently he

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disease is essentially in its primary stage an inflammation of

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and seven hours after milking it was found in the milk two hours

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into their mouths afford endless opportunities for the transmission of the

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from years onward the frequency of phthisis is greater in the

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was early in. In the summer of that year she was able

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cal men that they fail to make an early diagnosis. Up

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corpuscles filled with fat granules known as colostrum corpuscles.

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ers that for several days after infection the contagious

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cal conditions which are likebj to be benefited by a re

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and vinegar. During all this time the action of the heart was

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of Addison s disease. A tuberculous diathesis or infection has also been

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At first sight we were much pleased with this number of

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one disease often renders it less susceptible of another. Neither

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reader will be particularly interested in the admirable

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ing forward but instead the gaping is confined sometimes solely to

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binations would naturally be formed. And as might be expected

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The vasomotor functions of the nervous system are very complex and dis

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influence in changing temperature in a dry atmosphere as

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in Hospital and private practice. Dr. Simpson s assertion

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much more limited but occasional interference with hematopoiesis

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