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is not known to be aseptic is always a source of great
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which a physician who leans towards this craze asked the editor recently.
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bustion of coal and from industrial processes. Sulphuric acid or sul
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This affection sometimoa occurs in children but very rarely in aduitt
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reported by Mr. Bryant I venture to reprint it here inas
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narrated above reappeared with increased severity. He had from six to
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uterine pregnancy does not seem to be borne out by the
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to rheumatism though the identity of the microorganism is not established
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outline may be oval with a biconcave concavo convex
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man years of age had been suffering since the beginning
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thesia frequently produce suppression of urine. He ex
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the ears which he considers an improvement on the present
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which apparently cleared up this latter point. It was
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in frequency of the pulse to forty and less would seem rather to
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effect on the general condition and appearance of the
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for this change of view is because some of the quiet
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part are degenerated G L. The glandular elements composing
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a small amount of erectile swelling on the middle or lower turbinated

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