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from a careful observation of these cases. Under ordi

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fluxions of the brain and pia general dropsy effusions

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latter is filled with eggs and the small embryos with their six small

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cantharides is a powerful vesicating agent only suitable

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be and is hereby constituted m amp Provincial Medical Board

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day. In double quartan infections there will be a chill

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ing the lens is a hollow handle of brass into which the

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Prolapse of the rectal mucosa may occur and owing to the presence of

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Frequently the animal has exhibited for a variable number

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completely losing their characteristic appearance PL Figs.

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tions on the coast. In the latitude of the Sandwich

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become pocketed under tension giving focal pressure symptoms.

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scious indivisible monad which I feel myself to be. When the

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probably have fallen flat. As it is his suggestion that the administra

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ball. The ball was extracted at the angle of the scapula.

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sciousness only until displaced by some other as re

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London hardly any Typhus exists in non epidemic times and that in

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