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gladiatorial contests of the courts of Diocletian and
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or abruptly becomes organic leading to notable altera
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tine was for six feet above the ca cum reddened thickened
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eth years of life. The middle cerebrals are most frequently involved
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be accidental yet as his method of managing the disease
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throat bowels and air passages abscesses of all kinds dermoid
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of symphysis at inner side of pectinalis runs down
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septum. Not infrequently it attains a large size and projects between
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regarding ulcus corneze serpens as a folk malady of
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just above the knee very little blood was lost and but one
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ous instances not only lived but thrived and worked
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very difficult to imagine he chose to conceal it or he
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ing upon this hint had all the nurses and doctors belonging
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thriving appearance and in such a condition even may exist for years.
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constipation and pain across the abdomen worse half an hour
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opment constitution and structure of man is similar to that of
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that in the case referred to the circulation in the placenta could
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glands at the angle of the jaw are not enlarged. An early opportunity
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fracture and immobilized the broken fragments but as
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bert sutures and by numerous ordinary sutures over a
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might be instructive to watch the comparative results
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have to deal with in ophthalmic practice a disease which spreads
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The gland Income or less enlarged and variously
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throughout the entire course of the disease. It more commonly acoom
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is a graduate before July of a professional school
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given in this journal. Xo dressing was applied to the ulcer
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and July. It has been used in nervous diseases as mania delirium
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is very much belter to screen the galleries than only
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sects. A. Uncto rla Jh er n chamomile European plant
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chronic nephritis in which the urine voided is exces
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filtrate is extracted or mixed with water glacial acetic acid to the
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sickle shape. Third there were cells much increased in
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twenty four hours he attached a saline reservoir to
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and Jiemnins of Kerato iritis W. A. aged IS a shop boy
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stages. The diagnosis having been made the cancer must
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the abscess had been situated. In judging of prostatic
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knuckle of bowel not more than two inches in length was found just
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for some time before were obtained. A specimen passed
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aperture. I was then satisfied that it was really a case of
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neal ulcer. This patient admitted having had syphili

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