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of woman for a wife was the best asset a man could have.

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as a preservative has been abandoned in Eui ope. Journal of

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At the end of eighteen days it was found to be surronnded by

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manDementd of DoD of lo in commct all cunning anD srace

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part specified but in the tongue and in the upper extremity.

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by its appearance concomitantly with diabetes its in

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Frequently the great toe of aged persons is found hi

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work. Foreign medical men must pass an examination. The fee is

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cavity. That suturing the bladder is not so dangerous

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sciously but successfully by physicians in their treatment

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which pains in the legs disturbance of the sphincters and sexual functions

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with hoarse croupy cough as it progresses the difficulty of breathing

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soon afterwards. A curious circumstance in tlus epidemic

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extent from the free extremity but without mucus blood or

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ever from serious cystitis and delirium probably dependent

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of them had returned for further treatment of gastric trouble.

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overt cardiac failure digitalis is ineffective in per

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and efficacious treatment is by means of blisters or the

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and debility and although it is necessary judiciouslj to ad

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control. But the direct effects of alcohol and all such substances

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Animals Order of shall have effect in case of slaughter under this

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was made a Fellow of the Medical Association of the State of New

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taken to look for it and that the disease may run its

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other instances however there is no appreciable alteration in the murmur.

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changes during convalescence first call attention to the pres

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and abundant expectoration had ceased the respiration

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new bom the symptoms are evidenced by the impaired physi

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Aristolochln ar ia tol ok in. Bitter sul stance from

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and hygiene. It is better to place bacteriology with pathology or hygiene

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