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Among the pleasant social features of the meeting was a recep
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with bacteriological technique were observed throughout
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The new growth and necrotic portion of bone was then sepa
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tried otherwise palliative measures are indicated. It was
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the secondary tympanic membrane closing the round window may
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response so far has not been very encouraging to the
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advocate the other parts of it being in some respects similar
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by the abdomen. There are in addition the usual signs of jaundice
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C. C. The mechanics of pulmonary v ntilation in normal
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focation and oppression so that the patient gasps for air or
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slight inflammation in swollen glands in order to bring about resolution.
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inhibition of their antagonists. Instances of peripheral reciprocal in
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individual and blindfolds him or carries out this little maneuver on
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improved the clinical condition in a striking way in some
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siderable fall is recorded. Brewers have a low rate
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in this malady is no obstacle to the use of the remedy.
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The nose is directed toward the right and the left palpebral
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ing it and that this might be the intention of Providence
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Chief of Bureau he has engendered general confidence as an ex
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return showing the number and description of such disease which
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great shock. The ice water coil is a decided depressor and often
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phalalgia is usually the most prominent symptom when the disease is deTcl
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tance of the tract to be affected but ranging from twofold
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drawn as to which aneurysm is most likely to produce them alL
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takes the first place it is the greatest blessing possessed
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Mr. Hawkixs said the meeting were going from the real
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twelve months or such time as is required by the College of
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and engraved specially for this work for the most part
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tion and spread within the country of any infectious contagious or
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carpophalangeal joints of the first and second fingers of
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perience in the use of this drug and the clinical mani
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on account of a sore on the upper lip. The appearance
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the rupture of an abscess an operation is necessary If a wound

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