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sence of gastric lesions. There are two other forms of this disease that
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observer deemed it safe to try his pupil in a free world.
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filter but must not be heated. If this medium is inoculated from
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The cases usually terminate fatally. The instances of recovery are those
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the surprising discovery was made that it did not con
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that while to the submucous stratum the uterus owes
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first and the same reflections may be made upon it.
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gentleman is to be relied on a large share of the suc
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Registrar s OflSce University of Maryland West Lombard Street Baltimore
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the most serious operation with the best prospect of rapid
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dolls in black dresses while the living are dressed in
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stitoeDts of the vomit and in asking you to pass oVer my
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can he cut short a case of variola or rubeola. Doubtless unskil
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suffering from ovarian or other abdominal tumors. Curb

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