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doses of the iodides and bromides tincture of stro

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Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of North Carolina. Forty fifth

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face of the right middle lobe behind the motor zone so that

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both together. I have failed with arsenic but not with quinine.

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leisure needing to be amended and still more often in

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amount of electrolytic action here taking place would also be suffi

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made m the preparation of the Pharmacopoeia and when there

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and furveyors perplex the greateft mathematicians. Hence the growing

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blood pressure raised low blood pressure increased the

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vacuum tight joint may be obtained without excessive pressure on the cover. Similar

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cal examination for the tubercle bacillus was negative. Guinea pigs inoculated

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with local symptoms unchanged. Owing to the seriousness of

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member that there is a further object in freeing the splanchnics as a

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by intravenous infusion. There are no contraindica

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twice a day on the affected side. If the fluid is be

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turbances which remain after it has disappeared as for

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individual elements but wanting tliat mighty power which

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although dependent on general causes. But a second circum

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cases edematously swollen the layers of the tunica propria are

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of its geographical distribution and its relations to physical pheno

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foulest possible prostitution of medicine a systema

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of Cocoa. We have therefore completed arrangements witli the highly re

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past his cauterization of the initial lesion for the abortion

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The Doctor keeps on with a consideration of these results

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outer covering lies over their whole surface with the exception of the

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the ninth day the areola begins to fade and the swelling subsides. By

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inspissated and changed to a chalky mass while the walls arc thick

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centers and resulting in an inhibition of the circu

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that idiomuscular excitability in tabetics is most often nor

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regulating the diet as already described and in the first days

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tances may be made at the risk of the publidiera by foncarding

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point is the high end of the oblique melting interval. That is

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have aid and it i undoubtedly line as a general proposi

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posed of muscles. We have already explained that muscles are com

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for its blood supply on the omentum. He regards the

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there will be seen rhythmic contractions. The cardia at rest is in

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Relations of Chorea The Summer Prevalence of the Palsies of Childhood

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pneumonia there is commonly dulness amounting sometimes to flat

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A. The congestion of the muscles along the spine. In a case of

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processes especially in the white matter. The change is generally patchy

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The patient got worse. He experienced great pain over the

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itages. The chronic form lasted one and a half to two

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