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disease. In India in under the orders of Government I col

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in our critical mirror the features of our ancient mother

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sufficiency as well as the initial vomiting and evi

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theless still be given boldly and will be found to answer

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very slowly and arrives at this stage in about five

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But while the intestine produces its results with pre

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lixati n of the tij of the shoulder proiluces this lowering and this

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succeeded in averting the disease was plain from the following

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August. The patient for twenty years had been a high liver

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tube are to be secured to the surcingle and closed by tying.

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Individual experience counts for little in the determination of a mor

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from the lower extremities and thereby give rise to the develop

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with soil fermentation and the absence lt gt t a vigorous

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or less with a small quantity ot carbonate of magnesia and then very

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disease with albuminuria. The disease however for a long

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under the prevailing conditions abuse the privilege of free medical

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and in no way resembles either leukemia or Hodgkin s disease.

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were found. The typical oxyuris appendix he described

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much better for six twelve or even eighteen months.

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cases. The first of these is one which in a city environ

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for use. Muscular activity could only find volition through

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