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with zinc and diplobacillery conjunctivitis with silver. The results
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very great suction power be exercised it would be impossible to
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inhibited by the antiseptics used to destroy the diphtheria organ
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longed to the group of the polar staining bacteria
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of the same year and a half. The proportion of cases
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known as stimulating liniments when combined with suitable
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become truly malignant invading and destroying neighbouring parts.
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mixture of a greenish yellow serous secretion with white masses
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after a while no obstacle for its blood vessels have become
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mal and vegetable recrements which may be difperfed by volca
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nunciation. Thus j aime is egoamo tu aimes tu amas
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was per minute the appetite good the tongue clean and
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a committee appointed to collect data as to the existence
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ency to palpitations a sensation of warmth and of fulness especially in the
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because it is so frequently collected and stored in such a careless
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were given in the early part of his medical career
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plaint its subjects are chiefly those whose habit is de
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pointed The beginning of the work Its extension and
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tion with water and vinegar twice a day the elm bark mucilage enema
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best organized veterinary police system in the world. Indeed every
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A hiMi very ainlul inflammation exists and the patient is not
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catheter was passed without any apparent difficulty and several ounces
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tuberculosis fissures fistulas and ulcerations will
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berg statistics are identical and and therefore these
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treatment was hygienic and local. The teeth were put
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relapsing cases sulphate of quinia was resorted to to complete the
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to he too pessimistic. It should be remembered that Wertheim s operation was
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thyroid extract for life but once the proper dose for
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Hospital Gynaecologist to the Louisville City Hospital Sec
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a good recovery and has continued well up to the present
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first stage was bhort and easy. The head becsune en
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the efflorescence makes its appearance under the form of small red
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table to meet all its requirements. Roughly stated it
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dence of being a person of good morals and a reputable practitioner
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vation of antiquated forms and the absurd intricacies of special plead

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