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normal course in the conduction system a fact which probalily

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organization in the subcutaneous method. This method consists in

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signed by a physician to the effect that no nits or lice were

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the corneal edge was distinctly undermined and the con

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than the other it points to a narrowing of the nasal

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gout resulting from the gouty dyscrasia as has been maintained

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severe pain and on coming home our local medical man who

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versity of Bishop s College this latter clause is a very

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mented excess of magnesium carbonate and precipitate is cut oflf

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the muscular coats of the small vessels and the eruption

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the gastric mucous membrane is worthy of trial. Cerium

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dryness in the phaiynx and larynx. In course of time the red hard

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by Honorary Assistant Surgeon Samuel Strettou in the above corps.

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well accustomed to laparotomy and those of us who view it from

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preservation of the function of the sphincter of the neck

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brain abscess of the brain hydrocephalus etc. are the most

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and using the finger in the vagina and the paw like grip

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you apprehend mischief in the brain do not commence by

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typhoid fever. When this patient had recovered I ad

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struction should be removed by resecting the pyloric por

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characteristic local pulmonary lesion. Anatomically considered it is an acute

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affections of the nose and throat. Dr. Albert Spengler reports very sat

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It is also desirable that the community at large shall

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leprosy And can we explain the importation of leprosy from one

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arteries which tsuffply the fxwterior gt art of the corpus gt

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secondary usually originates near the roots of the lungs implicating the

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The authoress s husband has found the recipes contained in this

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swine plague bacillus I find a reduction of the blood

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Dr. Gibbs of South Carolina moved that Professor Henry be request

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thyroidin is not parallel with that of adrenalin or of

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believing that they saw objects which did not actually exist. So

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In the great majority of the cases which rapidly proved fatal

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tained its place as an operation of choice in the treatment

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