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the sense of a restitutio ad integrum since there are certain undeniable

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developed with evidences of dementia while the general

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would be visceral enlargements in the abdomen cyanosis of the face and

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nized again on a subsequent visit and its chief peculiarity has consisted in

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Va. There were cases with deaths. In September yellow fever

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Drs. Mackellar Critcherson Keller Grenside Dickson

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of any references bearing on the subject. I am amp c.

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the accession of Charles Dr. Baskerville continued as Court

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activity in the search for new methods of treatment of

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At a recent meeting to take into consideration their water

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brosis of the lung due to dust had been carefully inves

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people to feel more vigorous but for most the availa

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rale nor respiratory murmur there may be bronchophony

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origin aside from the fact of the presence of tubercles

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that if there were there could be no reafonforfuppofing

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tumour about the size of a hen s egg movable in every

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the child is removed from the malarial surroundings

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ple. Apply to breast first draw it well up and fas

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after her baby was a year old and its truth is doubtful.

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helm. In the midst of general despondency the chairman having found

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these and those destroyed were easily traced where not ob

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knew not how. A third individual J is described to have been

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may supervene in the course of hepatic cirrhosis and when this occurs the

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even though it will dift er from the one applied for.

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they are in this country. In Austria they are entirely

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compression of the oesophagus. In rare instances there are pupillary changes

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no particular occupation or locality was predominant. Even

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large quantity of partially digested food is removed

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the departments of rhinolaryngology and bronchoscopy industrial surgery and

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the time he wrote typhus and typhoid fever were confounded together as

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elightest pressure would induce straining and evacu

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manent Gontraction. It is a questionable point whe

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tears both in the neck of the uterus and at the outlet of

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nating with release when the rate of interruption is

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diers were apt to be careless about sanitation they

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