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a pale gray hard and dry constituency. The alkaline bases are so

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liesoleed. That the State Associations be requested to

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smitten with a paralytic stroke. When John heard of this he

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rate density of population is now viewed as of secondary

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measles acted in a similar way having in addition to the bronchial

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the readers of the British Medical Journal. I first administered

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leptiform convulsions preceded often by headache vomiting and diarrhoea.

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adhesions and situated deeply down beneath a high placed

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a useful remedy especially i hen these are attended with

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right tibia. She had been under specific treatment but showed

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was examined and found to contain red corpuscles per

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cannot be regarded as specially associated with age. The pulsus

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the modifications of the original technique enables us to

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their exemption to the extract of heUadorma given as a pro

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only swollen by reason of serous effusion into the cellular structure

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cloth three or four inches wider than the back of the

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lacked a certain sophistication and understanding of statistical methods which

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on the surface of the membrane it is called from its

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the Commissioners it will scarcely be credited that the guardians

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bone was inserted into the trephine opening leaving sufficient

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because the stomach is not in rej ose during hemorrhage and washing out

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tioner prescrioed the following measures of treatment

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of the lymphatic or abforbent fyftem and this confifts in the

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suffered most severely. The outbreaks have occurred most frequently in the

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applying in similar cases firm bandages. The deep seated veins being

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has already been alluded to destructive disease usually tuberculous

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speak positively concerning the last named for we so often

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materially increased by placing the patient upon his

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The metallic dust that comes off scissors in the pro

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much practically not at all spontaneously. When prodded there is some move

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acter of the complications rheumatism orchitis tonsillitis etc. The disease

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the counterpart of which I have found twice it con

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Co r Staff or amma l inspections of hospitals see paragraphs to

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coming on two or more hours after eating. They may also complain of

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time honored linseed meal the best material for poul

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Obstetric Physician to and Lecturer on Midwifery at the London

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disease ranges through all degrees from an erythematous blush

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dimethylamidobenzol but the amount of the HCl deficit i. e. the

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With such gruesome environment the belabored doctor must hail

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normal. There was some incapacity to flex the foot on

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cause of death being heart failure according to the re

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the smaller may the fraction become which is to be examined

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effusions containing a large number of eosinoi eB is the reason for

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anthrax is an absolute extension of the anthrax area and no

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ployment of this form is that it can be too readily or

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in the various wards at one time which is more than

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fact of the localization of the results of an injury

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