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the intestines near the lymphoid follicles. Occasionally they are

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slipped through the moist pylorus. The ileo colic orifice has a

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Adjunct Professor of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine.

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istics of the blood platelets are particularly adapted to thrombus

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but of good force and regular later it becomes slower broader and less

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differently here and on the Continent. There the death of

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substances. For the most part medical practitioners

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occurred there was always great danger in the puer

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speakers at the British Medical Association s meeting when Voisin

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of the subject it is herewith presented for your consideration.

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he usually passes to the homoccrcal. The probability of the

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between Mr. William Whately the brother of tlie secretary

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tongue. Niacin deficient dogs appear less able to make this conversiono

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whole of the posterior the strongest part of the sclerotic de

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diseased condition of the venous walls is not the cause but if related

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Maritime Quarantine. Maritime quarantine in this country is en

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difficult to read because of the manner of plate inoculation. A simplified

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doubted that they could have it all their own way and they have

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leg preceded and accompanied by headache vertigo flashes of

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which the effect is produced what we have to avoid is too

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ball covered with leather upon the abdomen for five or ten minutes every

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cspeeialh ol Honduras and Yucatan. It takes one of its

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Gf.org Klemperer Universitatsprofessor in Berlin Diri

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vide for the accidents that grow out of it. The inebriate

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salvarsan were usually followed by decided improve

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nearly all of which was spent at the front in Manchuria

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from the surface. A protrusile cirrus is not present in this form.

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these diseases very little food is taken and most of

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and the circumscribed swelling of the tissues of the

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loped must long before this period have occasioned paralysis of

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The spleen is slightly enlarged. Patches of old perisplenitis are seen

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Hospital with bibliographical notices editorial comments and domestic and

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