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to fundus and could be felt plainly near umbilicus.
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lar ulcer in the pelvis or the occlusion of the ureter by
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called gut about a foot long and was obliged to tear these
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should have great weight in influencing speedy surgical
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sugar to foam. Then the whipped cream is added and well mixed
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may ease the symptoms. Counterirritation is very generally employed
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were approjiriated to the use of the graduating class
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and dogs went mad. This reference to the dependence of rabies on
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complicated the chnical picture and so could interfere
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The Boston Medical Journal September says that a study of
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tunity to everyone to help the antituberculosis cause
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of recovery J seem reasonable will be admitted. The
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the child may pass through the pelvis and these take
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acquired great celebrity as a physician and rose to very
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a sequel to croupous catarrhal or to chronic inflammation we may as
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liver brings about the same result. Her acute criti
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specific propositions. The necessity of moderation in food as well as
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latter is almost always the greater. The light conditions in indi
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hearty and kindly joke a power of exciting a setting agoing a
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justified in describing functional nervousness as a
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In no other direction could this university expand witli greater promise
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porary slowing down of the machinery of an industry but only in case
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referred incidentally only to cases of arteriosclerosis
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one should remember the neck as a privileged region and
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results for both and can be given for both those under a
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in its early stages. Of these boric acid bismuth subgallate talcum or a
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testify to extensive alterations in the lungs and the cavity of
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As life insurance is pre eminently an American institu
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ture. Stir all up let it set fifteen minutes and settle
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The foregoing history presented several points of inte
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urethritis with the various complications with which to deal and which
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them not ojily digestible but agpetizing. The material produced
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of alkalinity does not possess any anti putrefactive
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Histologically the tumer showed both alveolar and tubular arrange
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confection tonic anil slightly astringent confection
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shortly before the time the crime was committed. The prosecution
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obtained. There was no visceral disease. The urine was

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