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but if the opportunity for observation were as good as in
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escape of the exudation restitution is much hastened by
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number of leucocytes in the circulating blood of man. In twenty
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phia in the third decimal potency is always a last resort. When
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pieces Mrs. Bronson informs me treated every way the same as chicken makes
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della Grazia and the monks might be expected to tend a
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careful we should be in our interpretation of.v ray
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in the general character of the individual affection which on clinical
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question in a letter which he had received from one of the physicians
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You cannot expect that girls will not only abandon all social
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If cattle get on the track wrongfully that is no excuse for
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some cases been found associated with the malarial parasites but
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of their CO production alone and it is the CO which the Smith
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and the performance of useless operations. Post mortem
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the surface. The profile view is similar to a cone
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the ulcerated gland case or amongst its cellular constituents
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under certain conditions may be divided into distinct groups by
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and continued until p. m. and at the time he saw her the
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and in females and that of the latter onlv was observed durins
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in the other hemisphere. This symptom which is purely
should be on the onset qualified to treat disease or amputate a limb
tumor situitted interpretation however leaves the preference for the outer
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ment the doctor s interest in my visit was aroused
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As Murchison has pointed out a high temperature favours
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only the best good of the Society. My heart has been in
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Professor of Ophthalmology University of Buffalo Buffalo New
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weeks after which time it began to come through the
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correction which is the offending cause and at best
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a similar connection between some other form of bodily
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excepting in the foot. A month after the left leg also became paralyzed
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panic that many families immediately quitted the town San Sal
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general behavior was that of an intoxication. Recov
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when the graft is placed in cancellous bone are regarded as specially
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learns that he has tuberculosis and is only of mod
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the peripheric terminations related with the irritation to the
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is a sort of charm. Its utterance satisfies them that is
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constriction is at the internal ring or below. Still
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There is nothing in the physical signs to distinguish his case
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per cent greater and naturally a much flatter trajectory
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right cornea and the right iris was smaller than the left
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a peculiar one and Cripps s description of a single case
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the nature of an intelHgence working for a predetermined end. So
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ment Massacliusetts General Hospital C. Guy Lane Secretary.
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failure. Some of the incidents which have taken place since our first
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population in our own State of Massachusetts where it may

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