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a brisk dry rub off before retiring to bed Sleep on a hard

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one cannot but see half veiled hints of his own personality. His

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degree of accuracy in the diagnosis of mental deficiency.

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She died on the th February seventeen or eighteen days from

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passed into the very flesh and blood of the people. Much can be

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after a more or less protracted period. Coagulation

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Heat is claimed by the Germans to be the most important

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and sometimes overlap each other. Luxation is an occasional

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Electricity may be used to tone up the system. Some analgesic which

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The medical association of Alabama adopted the rules

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soft and deficient in color and where fat should have been is only

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Secondary Operation on Dog while in a Condition of Shock.

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can transmit these antibodies to the offspring. But when the

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has followed rupture of a gastric ulcer and of a liver

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study nor is the development of myxoedema in one of these cases

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certain amount of space abstracts of all the papei s pub

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scarcity of the literature which is available to the

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enabled without any trouble to identify the different layers of

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Dr. Steele Liverpool said he wished to say a few words about the

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at early ages this excessive death rate is much accentuated. If we

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We have already studied the effect produced on the heartbeat by in

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siderably from the strongest methylene blue BX and brilliant cresyl

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wound with two tenacula while it is split The diagram

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Government and that no decision had yet been come to.

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intestines or enteritis. I have akeady remarked that

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is the better. The condition of the kidneys at the time

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Pediatric Society has undertaken regarding infantile

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tepid water with bicarbonate of soda live to ten grains to the ounce

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Kundrat the tonsils were apt to enlarge and the follicles

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fublications which may be sent to it and an acknowledg

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ten or twelve years of age and sometimes much later and

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applied. After boiling a few seconds the absence or

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larger bronchi where it occurs in rather large masses in the centers

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crowding especially where there is close and protracted association be

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between the sutures pieces of small drainage tubing. But

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wood presents a striking appearance. The gray matter stands out unusually

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a few nerves. There have been double monsters where they have been

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