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tion weakness and prostration and excessive drain from
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impression on the mind of an ardent votary of science and
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Vssness still continued. He was then given a large injec
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years the origin of the blood platelets was in considerable dis
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Cancer cells being cjjithelial structures are not con
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swollen and converted into hyaline masses. There is a primary acute inter
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Dr V. Uchermann of Chris tiania has described three cases of
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the explanation of living phenomena healthy and diseased nor
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great deal had already been done in our army and to day
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that his visits were short and wished they could have
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Doctor Gallant in closing said that to his mind bulk
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great pain and irritation be produced by the introduction. On the
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working backwards day by day till the whole toAvn had been explored. They
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should be pointed out here however that a much more important factor
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obtain sleep in proper amount and many other difficulties to be con
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to adopt some peculiar name or title and so avoid the ne
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white powder freely soluble in water and alcohol. More
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gave evidence that the man had suffered a lesion of the
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cases of albuminuria which had come under my own observation and
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He seemed as he neared his end which he reached on the
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Axillae Treated by Radium. Dr. Sinclair Tousey pre
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are implicated in a particular way to congestive or inflam
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the localized expression of a constitutional anomaly of a diathesis

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