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The Ancliyiostomian duodonale, or dochmius duodenalis, is a small cylin-
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plication to the chest which has seemed to me to have a desired effect in
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stant ; suddenly under great excitement convulsions occur and the indi-
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cancer is not. Fsecal and ovarian tumors have peculiar characteristics.'
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pletion. It is rare before forty and occurs usually after the sixtieth
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have gotten into the fermenting substance or liquid. Bacteria exist
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principal adyantage in hospitals is the frequent yisits of skilful physicians
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chronic cavity which has a distinct lining membrane rarely if ever occurs.-
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diminished. Not every vessel is atfected, nor is the ehaiif^e re<,nilarly dis-
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Internal hemorrhoids have, as their chief symptom. Heeding, when the
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this assertion, for the same parenchymatous changes are found in the bodies
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by obtaining crepitus and preternatural mobility. The fragments may
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times it is rough and covered with scales, or even edematous.
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lages when pressed laterally or backward against the spine. In some cases,
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regurgitation is heard loudest at the apex-beat. The murmur of aortic
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terior wall of the rectum. It is the result of a giving way of the perineal
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intermittent and dicrotic ; moist rales are heard in the larger bronchi or
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to be produced in some cases by lice. In every case syphilis and tuber-
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gerated upon the production of callus. The fracture through the
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usually clear to the last, but sometimes the patient will pass into a state
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Variolous Ulcers are the result of small-pox pustules on the laryngeal
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be administered ; the sulphate of zinc acts most promptly and efficaciously.
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ment, if possible he must be required or even comj)elled to take it. As the
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and a rapid rise in temperature. This chill generally precedes the
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conditions of subluxation and contractions of muscles, fascia, ligaments,
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\he spots are pale and undefined : and though grouped in j)atches are so
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The Committee of the ''Nightingale Fund'' have arrangements with the
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watch, and, as far as possible, to guard against complications are the physi-
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mal, and depressions occur on its inner surface. The process is a fibrous
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from the shoulders, and composed of one solid piece; wdiile below, the chest,
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it will be found always to contain an appreciable quantity, never a large
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door Department, under the direction of the midwives of the Ladies' Charity).
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It will depend upon whether the obstruction is in the vein or artery.
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After several months a new cast is applied and the limb put in about
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Containing Full Instmctiinis for Designing and Building Punta, SkUb. Oanoee,
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alkaline, the sediment will have a gelatinous, ropy appearance and soon
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nococci within it, or to intl;immation which has caused adhesion of its


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