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about iier face, neck, chest, and hands, and a cold, damp sweat clung to
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tion of PCP is a preferred alternative to treating patients for
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the medical officer of health, who notified tlie farmer
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M they arise necessarily call for modifications in the details of treatment.
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disorders ; c. g, endemic and epidemic fevers, etc.
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referred to, will not be out of place alongside of this one
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malignant, and if the patient is operated on they usually rapidly
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diluted with 100 cc. of water. This solution keeps extremely well and
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This medium is especially favorable to the growth of Gram-negative
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of hygienic knowledge, but it is rumoured that the stability of
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able to determine the abforption of any fubftance by the lym«
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Strawberry Water. Bruised strawberries 4 lb, water a gallon ;
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nent member in 1875. He was one of the charter members of
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from the air and any sources of irritation, whilst remembering to warn
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again, and was readmitted January 13, 1 807, in good general
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the deodorizing action of the liq. calcis), easily rolling over the palate, and,
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patients for a few days to their chambers. The ca.-es of inter-
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teen ounces of the liquid, and the precipitate is allowed to settle, in a


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