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to the transmission of blood through them, may nevertheless

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elements have been, to a certain extent, eliminated,


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68; resp. 17, and slightly stertorous. Morph., gr. £; strychninae, gr.


man, narrating his experience in fighting pulmonary

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cases have been operated on after twelve to sixteen

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straps, &c., to secure it in its place. If straps are used, they

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reason why so few specimens were to be found in the

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George would cost $100,000,000, but this is a sum not consider-

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but it should consist of milk, eggs, fresh meat, fresh fish, and the suc-

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bleeding or an escape of flatus ; and, if the bowels were

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it, but it is fully as charming on the second visit as on the first. I have no

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and the path of the common duct reestablished, as was shown at necropsy on the

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tiie sypliilitic nature of the disease, with the other points in the

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It was debated by Dr. Sandford, Dr. Hutchins, Dr. Segur, Dr. Gray, Dr. Sherwell,

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tion of warmth spreading from the epigastrium over the whole

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ity of such ruptures occur in the posterior aspect of the organ

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was resorted to in order to push np the diaphragm and

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than the statistics of Boeck and Roth would seem to

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she would have the following sensations : At first, she would lose all

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pylorus and reaches the alkaline juices of the intestines, it may

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lapse of the intestines and the cavity was filled with

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In my map of cholera for 1849 in Ireland, I directed atten-

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cians and surgeons have been employed during successive ages

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stretching ; neurotomy, or section of the nerve ; and neurec-

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containing a letter from himself to the editor in answer to ihe


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